How long is the film?

The film is about 90 minutes long.

Is the film family-friendly?

Yes! Anyone who can walk into the Sistine Chapel and appreciate its beauty and take it seriously can appreciate this film. There is absolutly NO nudity, obsenity, or graphic images. Topics of firtility, Natural Family Planning, human sexuality, contraception, and abortion are mentioned or discussed tactfully and in accord with Catholic teaching.

Where is the film currently playing?

Screenings are happening all over the world! You can visit our NOW PLAYING page to see a list of every screening location. if you don't see it in a city near you, consider hosting a screening at your church, theater, or community center!

Can I buy the film on DVD?

Yes! You can pre-order the DVD in our shop but DVDs will not ship out until the end of the public screening cycle (Summer 2019). By pre-ordering a DVD you'll be on the list of the first people to receive it!